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What are LoyLap Campaigns?

We've been talking to customers for over eight years, learning about their businesses, and the different programs and initiatives they would like to run to say thanks to their customers and keep them engaged with their business. 

We came to realise that every business has a different view on what customer loyalty and engagement means for their venture, so we decided to build a customer engagement platform that helps them get the right message to the the right customers, as they see fit. 

Campaigns let you start to program your business so that upon specific triggers, different rewards and offers are sent to your customers directly in-app. Birthday rewards, top spending rewards, and even promotions based on previous products purchased can all be facilitated in one easy to use and effective platform.

Need help getting started? Read on for some examples of Campaigns you can run, and how to set them up in your LoyLap Business Portal. 

To get started, you can view this step-by-step run through on how to create a Campaign that automatically rewards your customers with something special on their birthday.

Happy creating! 

Posted by Patrick Garry on Jun 27, 2020 1:20:46 PM

Topics: Customer Loyalty & Experience, Marketing

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