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Start your customers off on the right foot by giving them a reward after their first top-up transaction

No one likes change—least of all your customers. Finding the right loyalty scheme for your business can be overwhelming enough, but then navigating the onboarding process can feel like a time-consuming labyrinth, with little to no return on investment if executed poorly.

With LoyLap’s Campaigns functionality, let loyalty be the least of your worries. In the wake of COVID-19, we now understand the need for contactless payments, more so than ever. Many businesses are looking for ways to curb the spread of infection and keep their staff and patrons safe as we try to return to a sense of normalcy.

As a merchant subscribing to our Gift Cards, Loyalty or Order Ahead apps, your business automatically has a customisable presence on LoyLap’s Members app (available on Android and iOS). When your customers download it and register, they’re assigned a digital QR code. With our Upfront feature enabled, your customers can load funds to their account to pay for purchases at your business, simply by presenting the digital QR code on their smartphone, at your POS.

While the process is simple enough, you’ll always find that some are reluctant to put their trust in technology. Creating a Campaign to reward a customer for their first top-up transaction could provide the necessary incentive to convert a cash tender user to contactless. Furthermore, by transitioning your customers to cashless, every transaction is collected to create a profile of your consumers. You can then use Campaigns to create myriads of targeted offers and discounts to drive sales and move inventory.

Watch the short video below on how to set up a top-up rewards transaction.



Campaigns Series: First Top-Up Reward from LoyLap on Vimeo.


Posted by Natasha Fonseka on May 25, 2020 10:30:40 PM

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