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Offer special rates to local merchants and boost your micro economy

#SupportLocal has appeared in about 14.5 million posts on Instagram. On Twitter, there are 60 or so tweets an hour that make use of the once trending term. While we’re seeing an outpouring of encouragement and appreciation for small businesses across social media, the sentiment we’re sharing is one of community. With this spirit in mind, LoyLap’s Campaigns feature can automate the process of offering discounts and promotions to other small business owners in your neighbourhood, to boost your micro economy. 

When a consumer supports your local business, you’re enabling their spend to go further in the community by paying wages to employees residing in the area, along with taxes used to subsidise schools and emergency services. Your business also makes use of regional resources like marketing and printing, while purchasing local supplies for your operations.

Simply by marginally reducing the cost of that daily cup of coffee or sandwich in your shop, you can build strong brand loyalty among customers that frequent your cafe, bar or restaurant.

As you begin to take notice of your regulars, you can then specifically target patrons based on transactional rules like the number of visits, or value spent in a given time frame. If you’re looking to promote certain products or categories in your inventory, you can even reach customers based on their most frequent past purchases, as well as their transaction type.

With so much customer segmentation flexibility, you have the ability to create the most effective loyalty scheme that will drive customers back to your business, thus reinvesting in your micro economy.

Watch the short video below on how to create a concessions Campaign, to offer a percentage discount to specific individuals in your area. 



Campaign Series: Customer Selection Discount from LoyLap on Vimeo.


Posted by Natasha Fonseka on May 25, 2020 10:47:53 PM

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