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Preparing your business for a Covid-19 Christmas

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard this year and with the festive season fast approaching, it’s unsurprising to see concern about what Christmas 2020 holds.

Prior to 2020, 60% of consumers said they began their Christmas shopping before December, however, people will shop differently this year. We will likely see higher than ever Christmas purchases happening online, and also sooner than preceding years as consumers attempt to bust their boredom and also beat potential delays as a result of increased demand on delivery services. 

So what can you do?

  1. Online presence: More online shopping than ever will happen over the Christmas shopping period in 2020. Even if your business doesn't currently have a complete online store, optimising the online presence you do should not be underestimated. From communicating store opening times on your website or Google My Business listing, to highlighting key products or services on your social media; having a plan in place to make sure you are visible to customers is key.
  3. Gift cards: While having the right products in available on the lead up to Christmas is vital, don't leave money on the table if you don't. Make sure you have LoyLap gift cards already in stock as an alternative, as well as giving your customers the option to buy digital gift cards online via your website.
  5. Campaigns: With limited capacity on premise as a result of social distancing, focusing your efforts on getting your high value customers through the door will be more important than ever. 80% of your revenue can come from 20% of your customers, so consider running a targeted campaign to reach them.
  7. Collection: SalesForce predicts that retailers offering store collection will see a 90% increase in digital sales over the previous holiday season. With LoyLap’s Order Ahead, you can offer customers the ability to ‘click and collect’ with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your POS for your convenience, saving you time during this busy period.

Over to you

Just as we have had to get used to a 'new normal' throughout 2020, Christmas will be no different. Christmas spending will still happen, albeit differently, and businesses who can pivot inline with how consumers have adapted will see the greatest return.

What changes and trends are you noticing in your business this Christmas compared to previous years? How have you adapted to them?

Laura McGill
Posted by Laura McGill on 28/08/2014

Topics: Marketing

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